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ENNHRI Working Group on climate change

On January 30th, Romanian Institute for Human Rights participated in the ENNHRI working group on climate change. Aspects concerning third party intervention in cases before the ECtHR were discussed, drawing attention to states’ responsibility to effectively combat climate change in order to protect the right to life and the right to private and family life. Cases including Verein Klima Seniorinnen Schweiz and others v. Switzerland, Duarte Agostinho and others v. Portugal and others, Carême v. France were addressed.

Furthermore, participants discussed aspects related to the human rights and environment instrument to be developed at the Council of Europe level. The drafting group on human rights and environment of the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH-ENV) aims to develop a binding regional instrument. Regarding environmental protection, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted Recommendation CM/Rec(2022)20 on Human Rights and the Environment in September 2022. As for Romania, it is worth noting that the National Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation for the period 2022-2030 is currently in the drafting phase. The initial version does not establish any connection between climate change and human rights.

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