Mandate of the Romanian Institute for Human Rights

According to the constitutive law of the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, the Institute’s mandate is: to ensure better knowledge by the public bodies, the non-governmental associations and the Romanian citizens, of human rights issues, the way human rights are guaranteed in other countries, especially in the countries parties in the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe as well as to inform the public opinion abroad, the international bodies, about the practical ways human rights are achieved and observed in Romania.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the Institute shall mainly perform the following activities:

a) create, maintain and run for all users a Documentation Centre providing the texts of international conventions, laws, documents, essays and publications referring to human rights, as well as bibliographic references;
b) inform the public bodies, non-governmental organizations and citizens, particularly by disseminating the international documents, practices and procedures in the field of human rights, including translation thereof, when need be so;
c) organize training programs, particularly addressing those categories of persons having special responsibilities for the protection of human rights or ensure awareness of human rights issues amongst large categories of the population;
d) provide, on request or periodically, information on the governmental and non-governmental efforts in Romania for the promotion and protection of human rights, as well as similar efforts in other countries, and Romania’s international commitments and the way they are fulfilled;
e) provide documentation, on request by the Parliament’s Committees, regarding human rights aspects in the drafts of laws and other matters examined by the Parliament;
f) perform research work on various aspects of the promotion and protection of human rights in Romania and at the international level;
g) publish a bulletin on human rights and widely distribute it, translations into foreign languages included;
h) organize polls on various aspects related to the protection of human rights in Romania.