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Alternative reports of national human rights institutions. General coordinates

The International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), along with partners from the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Francophone Association of National Commissions for Human Rights (AFCNDH) organized a webinar on November 25 for representatives of national human rights institutions (NHRIs). The proposed theme –General coordinates and good practices in drafting alternative reports to evaluation committees – was complemented by additional topics which were tackled in the Q&A sessions.

During the debates, the need to prepare and implement a rational and chronological course of the stages of drafting alternative reports was analyzed, as well as the fundamental importance of NHRIs for their role in raising public awareness and in mobilizing the authorities, while recommendations were made to improve the work of NHRIs. Therewith, discussions presented examples of good practice, highlighted potential obstacles to national human rights institutions in drafting alternative reports and reiterated the need for accountability and involvement of institutions in the reporting, evaluation and analysis process, as well as in elaborating, publishing and disseminating alternative reports on as many channels as possible.

In conclusion, the relationship between authorities, evaluation mechanisms and human rights institutions should be harmonious, maintained throughout the three stages: before, during and after the evaluation, in the follow-up phase of implementation. In all these stages, NHRIs have well-defined roles, by proposing topics for analysis based on the balance of the previous review cycle, addressing questions to committees and constantly monitoring compliance with the recommendations.

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