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Focus group on the situation of workers providing home care services

The Romanian Institute for Human Rights participated on January 20 at the focus group on the German Institute for Human Rights study on the workingand living situationof domestic care workers from Eastern European EU member states in Germany. The virtual event was organised by ENNHRI, as a follow-up to the discussions of the Economic and Social working group, to ensure a consultation with concerned members.

On this occasion, the structure and main themes of the study carried out by the German Institute for Human Rights on the situation of Eastern-European migrant workers in Germany were analyzed. Romania is also part of this study, the paper exemplifying cases of Romanian citizens employed in Germany. Given that many of this workers are migrants, and most of the time women are the ones who perform this type of work perceived as inferior, a favorable climate is created for exploitation, informal employment (without a contract and with very low wages, often not even paid on time), abuse, violence, discrimination and other human rights violations. Another consequence of informal employment is the fact that these persons face a lack of social protection and health insurance.

The main themes tackled by the webinar referred to: recommendations for countries of origin and host countries where workers provide care services, but also examples of good practice at national level, opinions and guidelines for recruitment agencies.

The main conclusions of the draft study were presented to understand whether they reflect the national situation of these countries, to identify new proposals and to improve existing ones in terms of their expertise. It also aimed to report on the most common issues in the field addressed at EU level and were analyzed the opportunities for joint cooperation and advocacy within the ENNHRI network.

In order to complete the study initiated by the German Institute, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, along with the other national human rights institutions participating in the focus group, will contribute with comments, opinions and recommendations.

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