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National Human Rights Institutions and Climate Change

The Romanian Institute for Human Rights participated, on December 15, in a webinar organized by the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) and the Center for International Environmental Law in Geneva (CIEL) on “National Human Rights Institutions and Climate Change: Good practices and opportunities for further cooperation with Civil Society”.

Climate experts highlighted the importance of education for climate action and the key role of governments and civil society in managing the climate change crisis.

The importance of involving National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in ensuring the protection of human rights in the context of the impact of climate change was highlighted. The role of NHRIs is crucial in the effective implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation measures. They must watch over the implementation of climate measures and actions and act as human rights defenders by ensuring that these measures respect all rights and that remedies and compensation are possible and accessible when abuses occur and rights are violated.

The handbook ”Climate change and human rights: Contributions of national human rights institutions” was presented during the webinar.

The handbook highlights the unique contribution that NHRIs can make to the management of the climate crisis from the perspective of respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. The handbook issued by CIEL and the German Institute for Human Rights also presents various ways in which NHRIs can engage in climate action by ensuring respect for rights in crisis conditions, by promoting international environmental law and the harmonization of relevant national legislation with EU and global standars. The textbook also presents a number of good practices of these institutions around the world.


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