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Working group on preventing and combating bullying

The Working group on awareness raising, prevention, combat and management of bullying was held on February 12, 2020, at the Victoria Palace. The Working group was initiated following the need to adopt urgent measures to minimise bullying among children, by setting up a public policy to prevent and combat the phenomenon.

Experts and representatives of institutions and non-governmental organisations with attributions in the field were present at the meeting of the Working Group.

Bullying is defined as abusive behaviour, repeatedly manifested, with direct or indirect intent, that leads to physical and/or psychological damages through humiliation, injury, persecution, intimidation or other acts, having various types: verbal, emotional, relationship-related and physical.

The Working Group tackled various aspects and measures that could be adopted to prevent and combat bullying, such as: introducing the topic of bullying in the school curriculum, in counseling and guidance classes, educational classes; extending the audio-video monitoring in kindergartens; introducing audio-video monitoring in public spaces near schools and pre-school education institutions; encouraging children to report on violence cases and to develop their skills to ask for help in risky situations; raising the accountability of children, parents and teachers. The adoption of such measures could lead to a decrease in cases of violence against children.

In this respect, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights organises workshops and campaigns to raise awareness on the multiple forms of violence in school and to empower children and youths on the need to limit conflict situations. These are addressedto students as well as teachers and parents.

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