Training courses 2017

Courses and workshops organized in 2017

For children

In 2017, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, in the larger context of the public’s increasing awareness about the necessity to familiarize with and observe human rights, set out as a priority to inform children and increase their interest in discrimination and intolerance issues. Thus, a number of training and information sessions were targeted to these topics and related events were organized both at the Institute’s headquarters and within the territory, with the assistance of RIHR’s partners.

  • In the framework of a partnership between the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and Secondary School “Prof. Ion Vişoiu” of Chitila, students were invited to RIHR”s headquarters to attend a workshop whose purpose was to inform the young participants about the fight against racism, intolerance and xenophobia. The workshop was concluded with a question-answer and debate session on the acknowledgement of human rights; the discussions were focused on discrimination, intolerance and migration.
  • On occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Director of the RIHR, based on the Partnership Protocol signed with theoretic highschool “Tudor Vladimirescu” in Bucharest, was invited open the sessions of the Conference on “Is tolerance a practised value? What is the relationship between human rights and the preservation of the values characterizing a democratic society?”
  • Second edition of the Municipal Symposium on “Don’t label, don’t discriminate, don’t forget!”, organized at Municipal Library “Petru Maior”, Mureş County
  • Campaign entitled “Let’s say no to discrimination!” consisted of a series of dedicated information sessions organized at several high schools in Ploieşti and Buzău
  • Campaign on “Without hate, with tolerance”, organized in the framework of the National Contest entitled “Without hate, with tolerance”
  • Debates on discrimination and the fight against racism were also organized in the framework of project “Another kind of school&rdquo