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Support for victims of crimes

The Center for Legal Resources has organized an event to present training and information tools aimed at improving access to information and support for victims of crimes.

The tools were created as a result of the activities carried out within the project "Improvement of victim support services - VICATIS" (legislative research, qualitative research - interviews with victims of domestic violence, elaboration of recommendations for improvement of victim’s situation, consultations with specialists and relevant actors in this area).

VICATIS is coordinated by the Croatian Legal Center and implemented in partnership with other organizations and institutions: the Croatian Ministry of Justice and the Governmental Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities (HR), the Legal Resources Center (RO), the Patent Association (HU) and the Association for Non-Violent Communication Institute for Peace (SL).

The tool entitled "Working with Victims of Crime. Vulnerable victims. Victims of Domestic Violence" was presented in detail through modules, bibliographic material / support instructions for trainers and materials for training participants.

More information about the project as well as the materials, tools and resources developed as a result of its deployment will soon be available on a dedicated VICATIS website.

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