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Education is not a privilege, but a fundamental right allowing for and facilitating enjoyment of the other rights of the child, making a contribution to the latter’s harmonious development, as well as to the economic, social and cultural welfare of society.
 Human rights education is an integral part of the right to education, as essential instrument for the application and observance of rights and freedoms.


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Courses and workshops organized in 2015

For the teaching staff

  • Training course on “Education for human rights and the rights of the child”


  • Scientific dissertations session on “Right to good governance”, organized in the context of the 25th anniversary of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Organization, and the 60th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the United Nations Organization


Courses organized in 2016

For the teaching staff

In the field of the continuous training of primary and secondary school teachers who achieve human rights education, in 2016 the Romanian Institute for Human Rights continued to organize, in partnership with the Teachers’ Training Centre in Bucharest the Training Programme called “Education for human rights and the rights of the child”. The Programme is accredited by the Ministry of National Education and had as target group members of the teaching staff and the auxiliary teaching staff in pre-university educational units.

  • Training course on “Education for human rights and the rights of the child”


  • Coordination of the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance by RIHR and the North University of Baia Mare, a permanent activity, including the Master Degree Courses, the only ones of the kind in Romania; the Chair functions on the basis of an agreement between the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization – Paris, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and the North University of Baia Mare. The Chair is a centre for research, debate and training at postgraduate level whose Master Degree programmes, the only ones of the kind in Romania, integrate, keeping pace with the developments and progress in this particular field, the results of the research achieved at national and international level. In 2016, a new class graduated the Master Degree in human rights, democracy, peace and tolerance.
  • Training course on “Interpretation and application of the Convention and its additional Protocols. Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights”.


Courses and workshops organized in 2017

For children

In 2017, the Romanian Institute for Human Rights, in the larger context of the public’s increasing awareness about the necessity to familiarize with and observe human rights, set out as a priority to inform children and increase their interest in discrimination and intolerance issues. Thus, a number of training and information sessions were targeted to these topics and related events were organized both at the Institute’s headquarters and within the territory, with the assistance of RIHR’s partners.

  • In the framework of a partnership between the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and Secondary School “Prof. Ion Vişoiu” of Chitila, students were invited to RIHR”s headquarters to attend a workshop whose purpose was to inform the young participants about the fight against racism, intolerance and xenophobia. The workshop was concluded with a question-answer and debate session on the acknowledgement of human rights; the discussions were focused on discrimination, intolerance and migration.
  • On occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Director of the RIHR, based on the Partnership Protocol signed with theoretic highschool “Tudor Vladimirescu” in Bucharest, was invited open the sessions of the Conference on “Is tolerance a practised value? What is the relationship between human rights and the preservation of the values characterizing a democratic society?”
  • Second edition of the Municipal Symposium on “Don’t label, don’t discriminate, don’t forget!”, organized at Municipal Library “Petru Maior”, Mureş County
  • Campaign entitled “Let’s say no to discrimination!” consisted of a series of dedicated information sessions organized at several high schools in Ploieşti and Buzău
  • Campaign on “Without hate, with tolerance”, organized in the framework of the National Contest entitled “Without hate, with tolerance”
  • Debates on discrimination and the fight against racism were also organized in the framework of project “Another kind of school”. The project also included a roundtable on “The role of civic education in combating racism”.


  • Symposium on “Racism and xenophobia against migrants. Challenges to the European institutions”


Courses and workshops organized in 2018

22 February – 3 May
Extended course on “Human rights education in schools”, with 30 participants – members of the teaching staff (holding leading positions or involved with various school projects) and members of the auxiliary teaching staff (school secretariat, school library), who attended for several weeks, totalizing 40 hours

15 March
Debate-workshop entitled “Between school discipline and the rights of the child” aimed at presenting the rights of the child such as they are laid down in the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, pointing out which rights were of particular interest in school, while also referring to the responsibilities of students and those of teachers for the achievement of these rights.

28 March
On request by secondary school “Prof. Ion Vişoiu” of Chitila, RIHR presented, in the framework of “A different kind of week” organized by the school, an interactive material about children’s right to education, in the context of the increasing risk of regarding school as a troublesome obligation rather than a right to be achieved.

29 March
Also in the context of “A different kind of week”, RIHR was invited to participate in the efforts to raise awareness about and settle a frequent phenomenon in schools: bullying. A mini-course with applications easy for children to understand dealt with the topic at “Nicolae Iorga” high school in Bucharest.

30 March
“How shall we treat persons with disabilities” was the topic of a course aimed at raising awareness about differences among people and the need to assist those who, for various reasons, are prevented from participating in the social life at the maximum.

18 April
Course that was devoted to a right of the child that hasn’t always been a priority with adults – the right to play and recreative activities.

25-26 April
Two training courses focused on human rights education and addressed to the teaching staff on “Between school discipline and the rights of the child”

21 May
Course devoted to the implementation of the rights of elderly persons in long-term care in specialized centres or at home.

3 August
One day course on the protection against the violation of rights on the Internet mainly aiming at the protection of juveniles. The course was attended by 30 representatives of institutions in the Constanţa County.

26 September
The Romanian Institute for Human Rights, together with its partners from United Way and from the Municipality of Bucharest Museum – Şuţu Palace – organized an interactive training workshop targeting 20 vulnerable children (including Roma children), who were beneficiaries of the UWRo Programmes, and under the care of several non-profit organisations.
The common project was based on the idea that education meant self-knowledge and being known by others, while awareness about one’s own rights entails better administration of the relationships among children – in school and within the society. The learning method used in the framework of the course, that was followed by a drawing workshop, was a non-formal one, the educational class being based on play and co-participation.
Thus, the course entitled “Children’s rights for children” was devoted to understanding the need to know one’s own rights and freedoms, but also the need to respect the rights that others should enjoy.

 See more details here (ro).


10 October
The Institute’s Strategy for training the staff of non-governmental organisations directly working with juveniles emphasizes on the need for a course presenting organisational policies dealing with the right of the child to protection. This course was implemented with the assistance of organisation United Way Romania that ensured the participation of experts in the training session (directors, project coordinators, school pedagogues, social assistants, teachers) from 10 organisations (Association Touched Romania, Foundation YOYO, Foundation Providenţa, Association Ana şi copiii, Association Arhidiacon Ştefan, Rut School, Association Lindfeld, Foundation Inocenţi, Mihail Kogălniceanu High School, Association ROI).
The course presented the children’s rights to protection that could be implemented at organisational level, including the necessary measures for children to participate themselves (information on their rights, involving children in the protection policy making process, a role adapted to their age with the adoption of these policies); issues related to recommended or prohibited attitudes and behaviours; prevention of abuses; acknowledging, signalling and readily reacting to accusations of abuse; recruiting and training the personnel.
The discussions that followed pointed out some of the problems and obstacles faced by those who assumed the difficult mission of implementing and protecting the rights of children, the latter being most often in vulnerable situations.