Educating the younger generations in the spirit of respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms, dignity and tolerance, and free exchange of opinions is a goal that is at the basis of a partnership between the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and the Ministry of National Education that is substantiated in the form of traditional by now activities: the national school contests the “Civic Education and Civic Culture Olympics” and “Democracy and Tolerance” as well as the “Contest on didactic creativeness in achieving auxiliary material to be used with human rights education”.

Contests with annual periodicity

National Olympics of Socio-Human Sciences

The Contest is addressed to students with skills in the field of socio-human sciences, focusing on education for familiarization with and application of the fundamental values of human rights, for behaviours that respect these essential rights, and competencies for participation in the public life.

Disciplines: civic education, civic culture, logics, psychology, sociology, economy and philosophy

With the civic education section, students are organized in teams of two 3rd or 4th grade students, while with the civic culture section they are organized in teams of 7th and 8th grade students of the same school unit.

National Contest “Democracy and Tolerance”

The Contest is a complex form of civic education that involves students in primary and secondary schools.


  • assuming the role and the status of citizen of a democratic society;
  • shaping and developing a positive civic spirit;
  • familiarizing the students with essential concepts characterizing a democratic society and the rule of law: democracy, tolerance, human rights, rights of the child;
  • familiarizing the students with the national and the international legislation referring to these concepts;
  • making the students exercise democratic, tolerant behaviours and the civic spirit;
  • forming and developing the students’ abilities to participate in the life of the educational community;
  • developing the students’ motivation for promoting and defending human rights and the rights of the child;


  • theoretic (consists in a written paper);
  • practical-applicative (elaboration of a project for solving one of the problems faced by the school or the local community to which the students belong, the project having the form of a portfolio);
  • artistic (achievement of a plastic work – drawing, graphics, painting, collage, sculpture, etc., illustrating the solution to the problem presented in the project in the practical-applicative phase)

The students are organized into three-member teams, one of which is a primary school student.

Contests without periodicity

  • Drawing contest on “Is it only in the dark that we are alike?”, organized in the framework of the events devoted to the European Action Week Against Racism (2015)
  • Plastic creation contest for primary school students, organized in the framework of the events devoted to the Human Rights Day (2016)
  • Contest of essays, stories and plastic works on “Human rights – universality or privilege?”, organized for students in primary schools (2016)
  • Contest entitled “Rights and responsibilities”

 Held in the period 30 October – 10 November, the contest was addressed to children between 12-14 years of age. For several rights laid down in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and displayed by the Contest Poster, the children were supposed to write down at least three responsibilities they had in their relations with friends, colleagues, the family, school and the community.

  • Poetry and drawings contest organized at Secondary School “Prof. Ion Vişoiu”

 The contest, organized to celebrate the International Children’s Day, focused on children’s rights. Evaluation and awarding were provided by the Institute.
 The drawing contest, involving 17 children, was an opportunity for the participants to use their colours, gift and imagination to illustrate a large range of rights (to a healthy environment, to national identity, to play, to education and to protection). The three winners were awarded prizes consisting of books.

  • Literary and plastic creation contests organized at Secondary School “Take Ionescu”

 Two contests organized on occasion of the Global Education Week in the period 18-26 November 2017. The literary creation contest was entitled “Words and attitudes for a happy childhood”, while the plastic creation one was entitled “The face and colours of childhood”. The awarding ceremony took place on 10 December.