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Internship for students at the European Studies Programme

In the light of the internship agreement between the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest - European Studies Programme within the Department of Cultural Studies, 40 students will follow an internship led by the Training Department of the Romanian Institute for Human Rights.

The internship project has been adapted to the current situation; thus, all planned activities will be carried out using new media (Zoom, Google Classroom). The project is based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and consists of three phases, combining research, information and training strategies.

Designed as a whole, the project starts from estimating the degree of knowledge of the Charter among students (150 questionnaires will be applied by phone, which will later be processed in graphs).

Following the assessment of the level of knowledge, as well as the availability to be better informed about this instrument, poster-type synthesis documents will be disseminated to interested respondents. Two other phases of the project involving students following the internship consist of creating the poster, as well as proposals of didactic strategies for a better understanding of the Charter.

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