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Joint Trio Declaration on Equal Opportunities

Romania, Finland and Croatia signed the Joint Trio Declaration on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men on Friday, March 15th, a document which is setting common objectives, measures and actions specific to this field. The three signatory Member States ensure the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union between January 2019 and June 2020 and aim to continue the initiatives of previous presidencies, with gender equality being one of the fundamental principles of the European Union and the European Social Rights Pillar.

The document proposes the development of a European Strategy for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men after 2019 that will continue the EU's Strategic Commitment on Equal Opportunities to reinforce efforts for achieving it at the level of decision-makers at the highest level, as well as in the implementation of public policies and specific activities.

The Declaration expresses the commitment to support women's entrepreneurship and participation in the labor market as well as to protect women in vulnerable situations. This Statement will be included in the implementation of long-term policies and the Europe 2020 Strategy in particular regarding employment and poverty reduction.

Reality shows that gender inequality in the labor market continues to be worrying. Established roles are still assigned to women and they are engaged only in certain professional areas. Among necessary measures to achieve gender equality, is equal treatment in terms of remuneration and benefits, but also the elimination of gender stereotypes, the work - life balance, the provision of flexible work programs and proper access to health services.

Several common objectives have been established, including promoting women's participation in the labor market also by facilitating their reintegration, strengthening efforts to create an environment conducive to female entrepreneurship, improving the quality of life for all women in vulnerable situations.

During the Romanian Presidency, two international conferences will take place: "The Situation of Women in Modern Society: Between Empowerment, Leadership and Gender Discrimination," 29-30 May, 2019 and "The Perspectives of the Istanbul Convention: The New Horizon - A Paradigm Shift for All "June 4-6, 2019.

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